Executives and Assistants Working in Partnership Poster



  • Clarify the administrative role
  • Gain perspective on the executive and assistant partnership
  • Utilize the assistant as the “center of influence”
  • Mirror the behaviors of talented executive/assistant partnerships
  • Communicate effectively in a tech-savvy world
  • Make time for “human moments”
  • Understand each other’s communication style preferences and their impact on team productivity
  • Build exceptional levels of trust
  • Delegation of tasks and projects from executive to assistant
  • Improve daily processes for operational excellence
  • Create alignment with goals, special projects and daily activities
  • Open the lines of communication between the executive and the assistant


Part 1: People:

  • Understanding the Stages of Growth
  • Communication: The Foundation of Trust
  • Being in Agreement
  • Resolving Partnership Problems

Part 2: Processes:

  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings
  • Calendar Management & Meeting Preparation
  • E-Mail Management
  • Prioritization
  • Project Management
  • Travel
  • Telephone Calls
  • Follow-up Systems

Special Message to Executives

Special Message to Assistant


Days & Hours:  3 days, 2 hrs./day.

Attendees:        Min 6, Max 12 per course

Material:           Available in PDF Format


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